Huang Guan Special Printery Co., Ltd. establish in 1981. The main business items were label printing, color box printing, and screen printing.

As environmental awareness increases, and environmentally friendly products are concerned Paper food containers are gradually becoming popular among consumers.

In order to contribute to sustainability society, we have actively invested and developed the new type of paper lunch boxes, also established a reasonable and efficient production environment in 1991. Therefore, in 1996, HG was selected as an excellent paper containers supplier by the Taiwan Small and Medium Business Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In 1999, HG was awarded by Taiwan Food Container Association Food Container Hygiene Evaluation by the Ministry of Health as an excellent paper containers manufacturer.

However, as the demand for the take-out market was increasing rapidly. We invested paper cups / containers lines in 2002 and developed the compartment paperboard lunch in 2003.

So far, there are more than 150 stock products are offered (Coffee Cup, Double Wall, To Go Box, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, Paper cup and so on). We provide efficient production capacity and diversified paper food containers to meet consumers' demand in different markets.

Nowadays, we become one of largest paper container companies in Taiwan, new production bases were officially operation in 2016, production area nearly 33000m2 , production capacity reaches 120 million pcs per month.

Paper Hot Cups

From Single wall hot cup, Embossed double wall cup to Air Wall Paper Hot Cups, we offer comprehensive choices.

USA Kraft Paper

Safe, high-quality USA food grade paper is selected for all cup, container and box series.

Eco-friendly Oil-proof Cowhide Takeout Box

The latest American product, environmentally friendly oil-resistant kraft paper, uses a special oil-repellent coating to resist food grease and oil, and is 100% recyclable, which brings consumers a choice of environmental sustainability. In addition, the natural cowhide appearance and the natural gas smell of virgin pulp cardboard do not affect the flavor of the food itself. The oil-proof cowhide take-out box brings consumers a brand-new experience.

About us

One of Taiwan's largest paper containers manufacturers, production area nearly 33000㎡ , production capacity reaches 120 million pcs per month, with more than 150 stock products are offered.

Adopting the fast and stable high-speed paper cup forming machine and detection system to make sure the small order and mass production can be running smoothly. All products is packing in a clean packaging area, it is equipped with an automatic paper cup packaging system to reduce the possibility of contact between the finished product and foreign objects.

Persisting in making every product well is HG's constant commitment to consumers. Adhering to the concept of caring for the earth and adhering to the idea of "no progress, we will regress", we will continue to launch good products that are closer to consumers.