8oz (260) Paper Yogurt/ Soup Bowl

  • █ Material:PAPER+PE
  • █ Specifications:D95*H62
  • █ Pcs/Bag:50*40
  • █ Pcs/Carton:2000

Application and purpose

Disposable cups, Disposable paper cups, Disposable paper cups, Environmental protection cup, Customized paper cup, to go paper cup, to go paper bowl, eco friendly paper cup, reusable paper cup, yogurt cups


  • Excellent European and US food grade paper is adopted, environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • UV Offset printing, providing a small amount of high-quality printing services
  • 8-color water-based flexo printing, providing a large number of environmentally-friendly choice
  • Multiple size options
8/10oz (260/320) PET Dome Lid-D90
8/10oz (260/320) PET Dome Lid-D90
█ Size:D90mm
█ Material:PET
█ Pcs/Carton:1000

█ Size:D90mm
█ Material:PP
█ Pcs/Carton:2000